July TBR- The month of the Kindle

You may of heard, but I am moving in early July, the 6th to be exact; and that means that this reading month is going to be a touch different to those in the recent past. I am going to have a month of only reading books on my Kindle. This is so I don’t have to worry about getting books unpacked etc, plus it works as I am going on holiday at the end of the month. Normally holiday would mean lots of reading, but as Im going with my partner who is not a reader, I don’t think I will get much of a chance. So here are the books on my Kindle that Im hoping to get to this month.

Firstly, I will be restarting A Kings Obsession. I finished the first book in this series in June and absolutely loved it. Took all my strength to not pick this one up straight away, but I thought it best to wait until I was moving and could read it on my kindle.

I am honestly so intrigued to try and read a graphic novel from my kindle so I am also going to read A Quest of Heroes by Morgan Rice. I honestly don’t know any more about this other than its a graphic novel, though I do have a feeling Im either going to love or hate reading graphic novels on my kindle.

A while ago, I downloaded The Gender Game by Bella Forrest, as it had been described as being like Divergent I believe. Anyway, it intrigued me, was free and seemed like an easy read; that just seems like the perfect thing to read while I am moving.

I believe this one may be a Netgalley download, but it sounds very interesting and I do need to get back on top of my Netgalley reviews, so I will be reading Ensnared by Rita Stradling. Again, I know very little other than its a Beauty and the Beast retelling, and I do love a good retelling.

Finally, the last book on my TBR is The Orphans Wish by Melanie Dickerson. Another retelling, but this time it a retelling of Aladdin, I believe this came out late June, so I’ll have my review up as soon as possible for this. Not too sure what to expect as it seems to have very mixed reviews.

So this month there will not be a twitter poll book as I am limited to just what I have on my kindle, but if I get my books unpacked quickly then I will possibly add one mid July. What are you reading this month?


Only Human by Sylvain Neuvel

I am truly so sad that this series is now over, but I hold hope that I may at least get some further stories within the same world. Normally, I am not exactly a science fiction fan, I’m much more into high fantasy or dystopian, but this series has been a gate way to getting me reading more. With giant alien robots, an alien planet and aliens themselves, this final book of the trilogy went above and beyond to wrapping up this series for me.

I have reviews for the other books in this series, where again I rave about how I have loved this series since the very start.

We always thought the biggest threat to humanity would come from the outside.
We were wrong.
As the human race picks up the pieces of destruction left behind, a new world order emerges. New alliances are formed. Old divisions are strengthened. And, with a power struggle fuelled by the threat of mutually assured destruction, nothing is certain.
At a time when the world’s nations should have been coming together, they have never been more divided.
With the human race teetering on the brink of total war, Rose, Vincent and Eva must choose sides. But doing the right thing might mean making the ultimate sacrifice.

I have been invested in this series, told through a series of interviews and status reports, since the very start. Somehow, despite the unusual format of the story telling, this entire series is easy to follow and very fast paced. This is a big thing to me, as normally I have been known to struggle to follow what is going on with this interview based format, but this is an exception thankfully.

In this book specifically, the three key characters are also well rounded, and loveable. While they are flawed in the most human of ways, you cant help but root for them. With the underlying back story in this novel, I found myself looking ahead to see when you would find out more about what happened. Honestly, I’d be happy just to have another book about the alien planet and the civil war that was kicking off there. I would love to know what happened further and how the world then settled back down, or if they possibly didn’t.

I cant say I have read any other books outside of this series by this author, but I think he may now be an automatic read author for me. The writing style, characterisation, and the worlds he develops are just amazing; they drag you in, and you just cant help but be intrigued by the politics and actions of the characters that aren’t even that integral. This is an easy five star read for me, and I highly recommend that you pick this series up. I am tempted to do a reread already using the audiobooks as I can imagine they would be very good.


Recent Favourites; Spring Edition

Okay, so I was going to do these every couple of months but I have fallen really behind. Therefore this is my way of catching up, and hopefully I’ll do one in early August for my June and July favourites. But I guess we will see how I actually get on with it. So following on after my last favourites post, I’m going to introduce you to the new things I have been loving.

Most of my time, lately I swear has been spent playing games on my phone. Its no secret that I love real-time games, and I have been loving the new Harry Potter mobile game. At the time of writing this I have got to Year 2, and am obsessed with it, I’m already disappointed that there are only four years. The second game is another mobile game, one very much based on the old classic phone game Snake. SnakeVSBlock is a super addictive, and competitive game, that has had me glued to my phone. I pity my poor phone battery.

As before, while I’ve been ill I have been watching quite a lot of Netflix and me and my partner have been loving some of the series. We have finished all of the comedy Uncle, and are going to need to order the final season on DVD as I just cant wait for Netflix to get up to speed. We have now moved on to Fresh Meat, something I’d seen clips of before when my Dad watched it, but had never sat and watched it. I am loving it, keep nagging my partner that we need to see each other more, just so we can binge watch it. Due to a technical error, we did also start a rewatch for both of us of Outnumbered, the BBC comedy series from ages ago.

For once, Netflix is not the only TV I have been watching. I have got myself back engrossed in EastEnders. I know, I cant help it, I’ve been spending too much time with my Nan and she has got me back into my old favourite soaps. I’ve also been watching all my normal favourites of Goldbergs, The Big Bang theory and I have been loving Young Sheldon! I can not get over just how good those children are at acting like the adult versions. And did you know that the women that played Sheldon’s mother in each of the programmes are mother and daughter?

Finally, I just need to do a shout out to Whitworth dried fruits! While not exercising, I do try and limit my calorie intake, so I have replaced a lot of junk food with fruit, or at least dried fruit. I adore their fruit shots, especially the raisin and dark chocolate ones, as well as their dried apricots.

So that’s what I’ve been loving over the spring; and I will try my hardest to be more on top of things to start doing them every other month. How was your spring?


The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert

As a fantasy novel with elements of the real world; urban fantasy, magical realism novel, this is not the normal type of book I would pick up. But I received my copy for my birthday, and after hearing some pretty good reviews of it, I decided I might as well pick it up. Have to admit it did not disappoint, this turned out to be a really amazing novel, full of twists and turns, and a really creepy scary vibe.

I will start with the downside that is dragging on me a little bit, and that is that the last quarter of the novel was actually a little bit slow. For some reason, I felt that the build up to the main events of The Hazel Wood, were the main intrigue of this novel, rather than the main events themselves. The first three quarters of this novel flew by, with me reading it in just a couple of days, but then I found that it then dragged. This is honestly the only let down that I had for this novel, and it would otherwise of been a five star read.

The creepy fairy tales that are told dotedly throughout the book are partly what makes it. They had me turning the lights on at night and watching my bedroom door while lying in bed. Super scary and yet so good, they reminded me of Grimm Brother fairy tales, which I absolutely love. Although the fairy tale characters come to life, and are a part of this novel as a whole, I would quite happily just read the book of fairy tales that the book is based around. I highly don’t recommend reading this novel alone, in the dark or at night, it will have you bricking it. But if you have a light, a guard dog and good strong lock on your door, then you have to read this.

Overall this was a strong four star read, and has really helped to get me back into reading after a horrible reading slump. This is a good book for those that want to start getting into fantasy as it is partially based in the modern day world with just a slight spin of book characters coming to life. I feel like this novel was rushed near the end and could of used more work for the ending, but the main body of this story was outstanding!


Guest Post- Five ‘Non-Detective’ Detective

Welcome to my stop on the Synapse Sequence blog tour. Today I have a guest post for you from the author himself, Daniel Godfrey, all about his top five fictional ‘detectives’, all of whom in actual fact are not detectives at all. I must admit I agree with some of his choice, and found this a very interesting read. I cant wait to get round to reading the Synapse Sequence, its high on my priority list, I just am in the process of some very stressful big changes that I’m sure I’ll tell you all about in the near future. Now lets get into it.  Continue reading “Guest Post- Five ‘Non-Detective’ Detective”


Bed Rest Diaries #2 Part 3

When you’ve been on bed rest for so long that your diary ends up going into three parts. Either these will be super popular, or you’ll all be really bored, but personally I find them super fun and interesting to write so I’m going to continue. Hopefully, with my final three days on bed rest, I’ll start to feel a bit better and be a bit more interesting. img_0341-3
Continue reading “Bed Rest Diaries #2 Part 3”


The Captives by Debra Jo Immergut

For ages, since about February, I’ve been in a really fed up reading slump. It hasn’t mattered what I’ve tried to pick up, I just have not managed to get through a book. But FINALLY I finished a book, and in three days at that! You can see what I’ve been up to while reading this, in my Bed Rest Diaries post. I can not wait to tell you all I think of this book, and I’m hoping to continue you on this blog tour with a positive recommendation! Continue reading “The Captives by Debra Jo Immergut”